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The AI Artifacts Podcast
Episode 10: Karin Golde on AI and data best practices

Episode 10: Karin Golde on AI and data best practices

Also: Perplexity, Anthropic valuations and Chief Justice Roberts weighs in on AI

To kick off 2024, Brian and Sarah welcome guest Karin Golde, the founder of West Valley AI and an AWS alum to talk about how she advises companies getting started when they deploy artificial intelligence. What are best practices? What should be avoided? And what needs to be defined going in?

In this week’s news, funding gets the spotlight as Perplexity raises $73.6 million and Anthropic’s reported $18.4 billion valuation raises some eyebrows. Then, the conversation turns to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinions on AI and how it should be treated in the legal world.

Tune in for all of this, along with a CES 2024 edition of "Two truths and ‘AI."

Timestamps for this episode:

[0:00] Intro

[00:17] Welcome

[0:58] The FTC’s prize for fighting voice-cloning fraud

[3:02] Perplexity raising $73.6 million

[10:18] Anthropic reportedly raising $750 million

[17:46] Chief Justice Roberts on AI

[24:37] "Two truths and l’AI"

[33:03] Interview with Karin Golde

[34:29] Karin’s experience starting a company

[35:48] What to watch out for with AI and data implementations

[37:51] Chevrolet of Watsonville’s ChatGPT-powered chatbot incident

[43:30] Having a strategy vs. throwing things at the wall to see what sticks

[51:32] What types of questions do companies working with Karin ask?

[53:40] What should big tech companies know about these non-tech companies adopting AI?

[55:15] How to tell if a product is going to solve a problem

[1:02:38] What should companies consider when it comes to regulation and long-term thinking?

[1:14:40] Most interesting questions about AI going into 2024

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The AI Artifacts Podcast
The AI Artifacts Podcast
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