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The AI Artifacts Podcast
Episode 8: Guest Fabian Baier of on building an AI startup to work with large companies

Episode 8: Guest Fabian Baier of on building an AI startup to work with large companies

Also: Rite Aid's face-recognition problem and Apple's reported AI talks with media companies

This week’s episode brings another startup founder to the show with CEO Fabian Baier. He talks with Brian and Sarah about creating a product for enterprise companies and what he has learned about working with multiple large language models in a year when so many debuted.

In news, the discussion turns to Rite Aid’s issues using facial recognition technology, Apple’s reported talks with media companies about its own AI, and some potential new valuations for OpenAI and Anthropic.

Plus, don’t miss this week’s holiday edition of "Two truths and l’AI."

Timestamps for this episode:

[0:00] Intro

[00:16] Holiday welcome

[1:10] Rite Aid’s five-year ban on facial recognition tech

[11:18] Apple reportedly discussing deals with news publishers to use content for AI training

[15:10] OpenAI and Anthropic reportedly seeking additional funding at new valuations

[25:31] "Two truths and l’AI" (Sarah was 5-2 before this episode.)

[31:50] Interview with Fabian Baier

[33:00] Why he started

[37:07] Figuring out what kind of company he wanted to build

[57:13] Choosing early use cases and sectors to focus on

[59:15] What enterprise companies are asking for

[1:03:30] What’s ahead for

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Fabian Baier (LinkedIn):

Fabian’s email:

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Rite Aid’s settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over AI us (CNN):

Clearview AI reaches settlement in class-action privacy lawsuit (The Record):

Apple’s reported talks with Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC (The New York Times):

OpenAI trying to raise at $100 billion valuation (Bloomberg):

Anthropic looking to raise $750 million at an $18.4 billion valuation (CNBC):

2023’s big rounds for AI startups (TechCrunch):

Airbnb’s use of AI to combat New Year’s Eve parties (Airbnb):

AI for saving deer (Andover Advertiser):

Andrej Karpathy’s intro to large language models (YouTube):’s community ( webinar (YouTube):

GPT-4 as Rater (

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The AI Artifacts Podcast
The AI Artifacts Podcast
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