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The AI Artifacts Podcast
Episode 2: Guest Thomas Huitric talks resources required to deploy AI at scale

Episode 2: Guest Thomas Huitric talks resources required to deploy AI at scale

AI-powered Beatles track "Now And Then," Biden's AI executive order, and Google's Anthropic investment top Brian and Sarah's news of the week

The second episode of "The AI Artifacts Podcast" welcomes Thomas Huitric as a guest. Thomas is a data science practitioner with experience in AI infrastructure across advertising, media, gaming, and the metaverse. He joins the podcast to talk about what’s going on behind the screen for users as AI scales up and its resource, infrastructure, and data needs grow.

In addition, co-hosts Brian and Sarah dig into the past week’s big stories about The Beatles, President Biden’s new executive order, and more. Listen in, play this week’s round of "Two truths and l’AI," and share your thoughts on

Timestamps for this episode:

[0:00] Intro

[0:53] This week’s biggest AI news

[1:00] The Beatles release "Now And Then" track produced using AI

[5:21] U.S. President Joseph Biden’s new executive order on AI

[10:50] "Bletchley Declaration" on AI safety published in Britain

[14:10] Google to invest up to $2 billion in Anthropic

[17:40] Google lays off voice assistant team

[18:59] Microsoft’s new 365 Copilot could generate $10 billion/year in revenue

[19:44] "Two truths and l’AI"

[25:08] Interview with Thomas Huitric

[27:03] What developments made today’s AI technology possible?

[29:27] Cloud vs. local processing for AI applications

[32:35] Apple reportedly spending $1 billion/year on AI to catch up to others

[38:30] Microsoft’s water usage in Iowa while training ChatGPT-4

[43:30] How much data will be required to create the next version of ChatGPT

[49:10] Open-source vs. proprietary AI

[52:48] Meta’s approach to Llama 2

[54:44] Were big tech companies actually surprised by OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

[59:37] Reasons for optimism in AI and LLMs

[1:02:25] Thanks, sign-off, and outro

Links for topics referenced in this episode:

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Google lays off 20 data scientists who worked on voice assistant team (San Francisco Chronicle):

Microsoft launches 365 Copilot (CNBC):

Joe Biden worried about AI after seeing "Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning" (Variety):

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Thomas Huitric (LinkedIn):

Apple reportedly "caught flat-footed" by ChatGPT, now spending $1 billion/year to catch up (Bloomberg):

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Microsoft reportedly used about 11.5 million gallons of water at Iowa data centers in July 2022 (Brian Warmoth):

Stanford researchers publish Foundation Model Transparency Index:

ZenML’s vision for small, in-house AI models (TechCrunch):

Music used in this podcast comes from "Vanishing Horizon" by Jason Shaw and is licensed under an Attribution 3.0 United States License.

The AI Artifacts Podcast
The AI Artifacts Podcast
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