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The AI Artifacts Podcast
Episode 6: Guest Mason Del Rio talks ChatGPT's 1-year anniversary

Episode 6: Guest Mason Del Rio talks ChatGPT's 1-year anniversary

Also: OpenAI's new board, Pika Labs, and a nail-biting round of "Two truths and l’AI"

ChatGPT marked its first birthday on Nov. 30 with OpenAI entering a whole new era filled with familiar faces and few new ones. Brian and Sarah keep things casual on this episode, welcoming friend of (and off) the pod Mason Del Rio, a data scientist and analyst with media production experience, to discuss ChatGPT's impact in its first year. [Editor’s note: Mason also helped us with editing this episode, which we greatly appreciate.]

For coders, creatives, and writers, the online world is increasingly saturated with AI-powered content. What’s going to happen next in 2024, and what will it mean for the workforce? All of this and more are on the table, along with a suspenseful edition of "Two truths and l’AI." Find out if Sarah finally cracked Brian’s strategy once and for all.

Timestamps for this episode:

[0:00] Intro

[0:18] Welcome

[1:35] Introduction of Mason Del Rio

[2:47] What the changes at OpenAI mean

[6:48] What OpenAI’s changes mean for Microsoft

[10:16] OpenAI’s new board

[11:25] What Pika Labs is doing for text-to-video tech

[14:55] Increased quality of generative AI output in less than a year

[16:05] HeyGen’s AI-generated video avatars

[18:17] "Two truths and l’AI"

[27:06] One year of ChatGPT: What has changed?

[31:40] ChatGPT relevance for Github and Microsoft

[33:25] Practical applications for professionals outside of computer science

[36:57] Impact on persuasion for politics, sales, and customer service teams

[42:32] Generating images for product design and textiles

[44:50] Generative AI for video

[46:07] Expectations for AI in 2024

[53:20] Most impressive generative AI capabilities so far

Links for topics referenced in this episode:

ChatGPT’s birthday (CNBC):

Inside look at Microsoft’s relationship with the board at OpenAI (The New Yorker):

Reactions from prominent women in tech to OpenAI’s all-male (so far) board (Wired):

AI-powered video-editing platform Pika raises $55 million (TechCrunch):

HeyGen raises $5.6 million for its AI-powered video tools (Forbes):

"Avengers Wes Anderson Trailer" (YouTube):

"Star Wars by Balenciaga" (YouTube):

Making $200,000/year to talk to chatbots (Wall Street Journal):

Using AI to complete a Sophoclean play (The Tribune-Democrat):

Chris Onstand’s use of AI to replicate voices from his webcomic "Achewood" (Polygon):

More links to news that didn’t make the show:

ChatGPT-written legislation for a city in Brazil (Associated Press):

Yann LeCun’s near-term AI superintelligence skepticism at Meta: (CNBC):

Meta’s global ban of AI-made political ads (ZDNet):

Amazon announces Q chatbot for businesses (CNBC):

Music used in this podcast comes from "Vanishing Horizon" by Jason Shaw and is licensed under an Attribution 3.0 United States License.

The AI Artifacts Podcast
The AI Artifacts Podcast
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